Fine art photography

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Fine art photography

Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the artist. Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism and commercial photography. Photojournalism is to promote an editorial point of view. Commercial photography's main focus being to sell a product or service.

The final creative reason for a fine art photograph is the photograph itself. It is not a means to another end except perhaps to please those besides the photographer who beholds it.

Fine art photography can be used to promote something. They are created most importantly to be true to the artist’s vision of beauty. We can see this by looking at Ansel Adams' work of Yosemite and Yellowstone. Ansel is one of the least disputed fine art photographers of the 20th century and an avid promoter of conservation. He hoped to have these wonders protected. The photographs were still not created to raise awareness of anything. They were done simply to be true to his artistic vision. This is an example of how fine art photography that is created simply to be true to artistic vision can be used for effect. The Ansel Adams Wilderness exist today because of this use of Ansel's fine art